Young Sheldon Cast Reveal Their Favorite Episodes

Young Sheldon Cast Reveal Their Favorite Episodes

To celebrate Young Sheldon’s 100th episode milestone, the various cast members reveal their favorite episodes from the series’ five seasons.

The various cast members of CBS’ prequel series, Young Sheldon, have revealed their personal favorite episodes throughout the show’s run and the reasons behind them. The show originally premiered on CBS in 2017 as a spin-off prequel series to one of the network’s earlier shows, The Big Bang Theory. Young Sheldon received immensely positive reviews from fans of the original and critics alike, particularly praising the performances of the cast, the writing, as well as the overlapping elements with the original show. The series has run for five seasons, with the fifth currently airing.

Young Sheldon follows the young life of the infamous Sheldon Cooper, starting when he is nine years old and known throughout his neighborhood as the annoying child prodigy. Viewers watch on as the young genius attempts to navigate the different areas of childhood while being different from so many others, also granting a look at his previously mentioned family from the original series. The star-studded cast itself includes the likes of Iain Armitage, Zoe Perry, Lance Barber, Montana Jordan, Raegan Revord, Annie Potts, Matt Hobby, and Wyatt McClure.


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An interview with THR to celebrate Young Sheldon’s recent milestone of one-hundred episodes allowed the cast members to share their personal opinions on their favorite episodes over the course of the five seasons. Among the different opinions, Armitage expressed his favorite as being the fifteenth episode of the first season, revolving around showcasing Sheldon’s hatred for geology in the future. Furthermore, Perry shared her favorite episode as being a heartwarming episode where father, George, took his daughter on a father-daughter-date. Read other opinions below:

Barber: My favorites are the ones where you see George as a dad who is trying hard for his family. He is not, in certain ways, a great dad. But he is someone who tries. He’s a conflicted character, which makes him interesting and more relatable — as opposed to being a drunk redneck cartoon.

Jordan: There was one scene, I don’t know what episode, where George tells Georgie to act calm when Mom comes home. Well, Lance messed around in the chair, and it sounded like he was farting. It’s one of those things that you just had to be there for it to be funny. But it was so funny.

Revord: The one where Missy runs away [‘The Wild and Woolly World of Nonlinear Dynamics’]. It was just a lot of fun to film because we got to go to the backlot of Warner Bros. and were able to walk around in the woods. There’s also a ton of really sweet and tender moments between Sheldon and Missy.

Potts: My inaugural episode when I came on the show [‘Poker, Faith and Eggs’] remains one of my favorites. It was so outrageous. She almost set herself on fire and then drove the children drunk to the hospital. It was an appalling character study but so much fun to play. She’s changed a little bit here and there since, but it’s a delight.

Young Sheldon The Big Band Theory Jim Parsons Iain Armitage

Despite only being the fifth season, the network has also renewed the show for seasons six and seven. With the show referencing moments and characters within the original Big Bang Theory so frequently already, this future opens doors to have even more memorable moments for iconic characters. Furthermore, with the show so obviously open to having Big Bang Theory crossovers, it would not come as a shock if other characters were to pop up.

Young Sheldon was no doubt a success partly because of The Big Bang Theory’s large fan base, but the series has grown into something special since it came on the air in 2017, partly due to its cast. The cast has allowed the sitcom to stand on its own and become more than just a Big Bang Theory spinoff. The fact that the main players all have different favorite moments also shows that the series has become a notable part of their careers as well. For now, Young Sheldon continues its fifth season with a new episode on Thursday, April 14.

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Source: THR

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