Young Sheldon Creator Confirms George’s Cheating Will Play Out In Season 5

Young Sheldon Creator Confirms George's Cheating Will Play Out In Season 5

Young Sheldon creator Steve Molaro confirms that George’s (Lance Barber) cheating storyline will play out in the remainder of season 5.

Warning! Spoiler ahead for Young Sheldon.

The remainder of Young Sheldon 5 will revisit George’s (Lance Barber) cheating storyline. The Big Bang Theory spin-off is in the final stretch of its ongoing year. And CBS is planning to bring it full circle as the prequel brings back George’s lingering plotline regarding his growing crush on Brenda (Melissa Peterman).

George’s cheating scandal has been one of the trickiest plotlines for Young Sheldon to tackle. It was first revealed on The Big Bang Theory when Sheldon (Jim Parsons) told Penny (Kaley Cuoco) that he caught his dad having sexual relations with another woman. The spin-off seems to finally set it up with Brenda. After their flirtatious encounter at the local bar, the pair quickly realized that they were mutually attracted to each other. Since then, they’ve been desperately trying to keep it a secret. For a while, however, Young Sheldon shifted its focus from that plotline to shine a light on other members of the Cooper family, and ever since, fans have been waiting to find out what’s next for George and Brenda’s potential dalliance.


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Speaking with TVLine, Young Sheldon co-creator Steve Molaro confirms that the remainder of season 5 will revisit the plotline. In fact, the next few episodes will also tackle Mary’s (Zoe Perry) own potential infidelity storyline. Fans can remember that the Cooper matriarch has been harboring a secret crush on Youth Pastor Rob (Dan Byrd). Check the excerpt from the outlet’s interview below:

Asked about George and Mary’s potential affairs, series co-creator Steve Molaro confirms that it’s an “evolving storyline” that will be revisited in the final stretch of Season 5. “It’s a bit of a soap opera that we enjoy telling,” he admits, “and it will continue as we move forward.”

George Sr Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon has swept the Coopers’ marital problems under the rug, but given Molaro’s statement, it’s possible that it’s setting up a big incident that would finally bring their issues to the surface. A previous episode revealed that George has been quietly struggling in his marriage and was even considering the idea of divorce. He brought it up while hanging out with his friend and confessed that it bothers him that Mary seemed to be having a great time with Youth Pastor Rob when he caught them smoking. It’s uncertain what the fallout will be, however. Based on the timeline established in The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon didn’t catch his dad cheating until he was 13, meaning Young Sheldon still has time before it’s imperative for them to show George’s cheating. Given this, it’s safe to say that Mary and George’s marriage will continue past season 5, although things between them might get worse moving forward.

Aside from George’s storyline, Young Sheldon is also set to tackle Georgie’s (Montana Jordan) narrative after the 100th episode revealed that he accidentally impregnated his girlfriend, Mandy (Emily Osment). Expect that to be the focus of the show’s next episode, although fans will have to wait a little while longer for that since Young Sheldon is once again in the middle of a mini-break. The series will return next week, however.

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Young Sheldon season 5 airs Thursdays on CBS.

Source: TVLine

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