Young Sheldon Season 6 Has More Drama For The Coopers, Teases Star

Young Sheldon Season 6 Has More Drama For The Coopers, Teases Star

Lance Barber teases that there will be a lot more drama in store for George and the rest of the Coopers in the upcoming Young Sheldon season 6.

There will be more drama in store for the Coopers in Young Sheldon season 6, George actor Lance Barber reveals. CBS’ premier comedy is currently on hiatus for its mandatory summer break. In a few weeks, however, production for Young Sheldon season 6 will begin as the show continues the Coopers’ collective and individual arcs following the cliffhanger ending of season 5.

Young Sheldon season 5’s storytelling took a more mature turn as it started to tackle more adult themes. That included Georgie and Mandy’s unexpected pregnancy, which resulted in a string of other problems for the family. While this development impacted Sheldon and Missy, it had big ramifications for the Cooper parents as they were forced to examine their own relationship (which also started with a surprise pregnancy). To make matters worse, Georgie’s news caused Mary and George to lose their jobs, putting the family’s financial stability in jeopardy. Moving forward in Young Sheldon season 6, however, it seems like Sheldon and his family still won’t be able to catch a break.


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In an interview with ET Online, Barber was asked what can be expected from Young Sheldon season 6. While the actor didn’t share any specific plot details, he teased more drama for George and the rest of the Coopers when The Big Bang Theory spin-off returns with new episodes. Read Barber’s full quote below:

“Everyone in that family is a pariah in that town, right? George lost his job, Mary lost her job. It sounds like the family is really swirling in a lot of juiciness this season. I can’t wait to see.”

While there are several storylines Barber could be referring to, the actor previously reaffirmed the idea George will eventually die in Young Sheldon, as pre-determined in The Big Bang Theory. This is the darkest narrative that the sitcom could tackle. In the geek-centric sitcom, Sheldon revealed that his dad died when he was 14 years old, which is roughly two years away within the spin-off’s timeline. While Georgie’s current predicament has been the primary storytelling motivator for the comedy recently, this may merely be a way for the series to set up George’s downfall. Aside from his demise, the Cooper patriarch was also embroiled in a cheating scandal a year before he passed away, which Young Sheldon season 6 could actively tackle. Indeed, The Big Bang Theory prequel has already been subtly laying the groundwork for this with George’s growing attraction to Brenda.

CBS’ decision to transform Young Sheldon into a family drama rather than a straight-up sitcom is an indication that it is ready to grow out of the shadow of The Big Bang Theory. Instead of simply focusing on its titular character, each member of the Cooper family has been given their respective arcs, which makes for a more interesting overall show. The question is whether the show will be bold enough to fully veer away from established canon. With Barber teasing plenty of “juiciness” in Young Sheldon season 6, perhaps the next installment is where audiences will see this happen.

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Source: ET Online

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